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A full-scope edit for less than others charge for proofreading alone, from Stephen King's first editor and editor of almost 2,500 book-length manuscripts with a 99.5% client satisfaction rate!

Who I Am & Why You Should Choose Me

Hello, I'm Michael Garrett, an internationally respected book editor and author. I'll give you some background information so you can get to know me, but if you'd like to learn more about my editorial experience just check out my about page.

As A Manuscript Editor

I served as Stephen King's first editor, as an Editorial Associate of the Writer's Digest School, and was fortunate enough to edit the works of such greats as Joyce Carol Oates, Harlan Ellison, Lawrence Block, and many others. I also served as co-editor of the internationally award-winning thirteen volume Hot Blood anthology series which was optioned for television and was a popular Book-of-the-Month Club selection. My credentials are easily verifiable through an search for the Hot Blood books and in Stephen King's book On Writing.

As An Author

Since 1979 my works have appeared in periodicals ranging from Twilight Zone magazine to my novel, Keeper. Many of these works were reprinted in England, Germany, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Spain, Finland, and Russia, as well as in audio and eBook formats. Some have been optioned for film and television.

I'm one of few book editors recommended by the highly reputable Preditors & Editors website. I have verifiable commercial editing experience with Pocket Books and Kensington Publishing and am listed in The Literary Marketplace, the publishing industry's official directory of proven commercial professionals.

My qualifications are among the best you'll find:

  • My editorial fees are among the lowest offered by A-list editors with comparable experience.
  • I offer a comprehensive line edit, including proofreading and correction of punctuation, for what comparable book editors charge for proofreading alone.
  • I provide honest, reliable editorial feedback, explaining complicated issues that, in most cases, eliminates the need for extensive research.
  • I'm also a published author, with works available in international editions, audio, and eBook formats.

Selecting the right book editor can be difficult and confusing. My FAQ page offers honest, reliable advice on finding the right manuscript editor, whether you eventually choose me or not. Carefully read the information provided and you'll be far better equipped to make an intelligent decision when you select a book editor.

I'm currently accepting new clients and would like to serve as your manuscript editor.

In-House Editorial Services & Self-Publishing

The Risks & Challenges of Self-Publishing

I have nothing against self-publication, per se, as long as you are fully aware of what you're getting into. What I oppose is the plethora of deceptive, misleading information and unrealistic promises of many P.O.D. publishers soliciting business from self-publishing authors.

Please know this: even when you self-publish, your work will still be judged by commercial standards. Readers have been exposed to commercial publications their entire lives and it's their only standard of comparison.

Self-publication itself is easy. It's selling self-published books that's so difficult. Self-published books carry an automatic stigma; upon learning that a book has been self-published, prospective readers automatically think that it must not have been good enough to sell to a real publisher.

Overcoming this obstacle can be quite challenging, but if you're aware of the hurdles and still want to face the difficulties ahead, this route may prove to be successful with hard work and determination.

Avoid In-House Editorial Services

Additional editorial services offered by P.O.D. publishers provide them with extra income. Their expertise is in publishing and nothing else. You'll likely pay more and receive inferior results.

I routinely hear from disappointed authors whose works were praised by in-house editors, but proved embarrassing when subsequently reviewed by independent sources following publication, and of course then it's too late.

I also advise you to take your time and get it right. I've been approached by many clients who have put themselves on self-imposed deadlines. Allow plenty of time for a thorough rewrite following a manuscript edit.

For more valuable information, ask for my free e-mail report, "The Five Biggest Mistakes of Those Who Self-Publish."

How My Editing Process Works


Get In Touch

E-mail a brief description of your manuscript. If it seems we might be a good editorial fit, I'll get back to you right away and ask for a complete electronic copy.

If you plan to write only one manuscript, you may be better served by another editor. My services are best for those want to improve their craft and achieve commercial publication.


Submit Your Manuscript

Your electronic file submission should include all chapters within one file. If we still seem to be a good editorial fit, I'll forward a fee quote and the process can begin.

My services are in great demand, so there could be a slight wait before I can start your edit, but the delay will be well worth it knowing that your manuscript will be the hands of one of the most highly experienced editors available.


Receive Feedback

You'll receive a marked up electronic manuscript with a detailed written report often as long as thirty single-spaced pages. Be prepared to perform what likely will be an extensive rewrite, but you'll feel far more confident as a writer once the process is complete.

What I Edit

What I Edit

While my specialty is fiction, I have also edited many non-fiction books, including self-help and autobiographies. I do not edit children's books, hard science fiction, or highly technical non-fiction.

Please be professional when submitting your manuscript to me or to anyone else in the industry, Carefully proofread and Spellcheck your work. I don't want to clean up your mess, and I don't wish to be distracted by careless mistakes that should have been corrected prior to submission. Please try to make a positive first impression.

You'll be better served by any editor if you make your manuscript the very best that you can prior to submission. Challenge your editor to find issues.

Client Testimonials

"My agent called to tell me we received an offer for a three-book deal from Penguin. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the knowledge you passed on to me. I learned so much from you."

Cecy Robson

"I can't thank you enough for your hard work on my behalf. Yes, you got paid, but I think you've done a superb job. I thank the Lord that I found you out of the sea of editors."

Martha J. Rigg - Lansing, MI

"I’m happy to report that, after months of trying and much rejection, I have a publisher for my novel. I feel sure that your excellent work editing the ms helped a great deal in convincing the publisher to take on the project."

Greg McCarthy - Arlington, TX

"More than I expected for the money. Your experience shines and I have learned more about the craft from one edit than from the myriad of books that I have read. I will certainly be a repeat customer."

Jeff Alcorn - Milton, FL

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