Manuscript Critique

Affordable Book Editing From Stephen King's First Editor

Book Editing Fees

Multiply your total word count by $.0195 to determine my fee.

Get Started

Contact me via e-mail with a brief one-paragraph description of your manuscript. If your work falls within my area of expertise, I'll ask to see your complete manuscript.

Get Confirmation

Following my confirmation you may forward a complete electronic copy of your manuscript as an email attachment .

Evaluation & Quote

I will evaluate your manuscript format and possibly recommend minor modifications, then provide you with an exact all-inclusive quote for my editorial services. This will be a fixed fee. I never have, and never will, ask for additional money. 

Unauthorized hard copy will not be accepted.

So, how is my fee determined?

My fee is $.0195 per word (per your software's word count). You may pay by check or money order in USD funds only or use the PayPal option below. I do not accept payment in foreign currency.


A 60,000 word manuscript will cost $1,170 (60,000 words at $.0195 cents per word ).

Send payment to:

Creative Inspirations, Inc.
P.O. Box 362
Clay, AL 35048

What I Seek in a Client

I work with serious writers who want to improve their craft and hope to make their manuscript the very best it can be by performing a meticulous line-by-line rewrite following receipt of the edited manuscript. If you intend to only make corrections from the marked-up manuscript, please find someone else to edit your work. I want clients who wish to succeed; after all, your success is a reflection of my expertise. You're unlikely to achieve your goal if you're unwilling to learn from this process and condition yourself to correct your own errors, thereby reducing future dependency upon book editors.


Don't hesitate to contact me. I'm happy to assist you with any questions or concerns. You may reach me by email at or via my contact page