Manuscript Critique

Affordable Book Editing From Stephen King's First Editor


"I look forward to sending you another manuscipt in the future. I have learned more from you than from anyone or anything I've read."

Anthony Pesare; Middletown, RI

"I’m happy to report that, after months of trying and much rejection, I have a publisher for my novel. I feel sure that your excellent work editing the ms helped a great deal in convincing the publisher to take on the project."

Greg McCarthy; Arlington, TX

"I can't thank you enough for your hard work on my behalf. Yes, you got paid, but I think you've done a superb job. I thank the Lord that I found you out of the sea of editors."

Martha J. Rigg; Lansing, MI

"I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I learned a great deal from you and have many things to consider."

Kristen Olosky; Shanghai, China

"I'm quite certain you've helped to improve my story tenfold. More importantly, you've helped to improve my skills as a writer."

Daniel Peterson; Woodstock, GA

"No page went unmarked. To top it off, he gave an overall summary of his thoughts on my book which affirmed my belief in my work and encouraged me to remain steadfast."

Shandra Hill; Chattanooga, TN

"Unlike some who solicit on the net, you are every bit the professional you advertise."

Richard Leverone; Milford, MA

"Your instruction is worth its weight in gold to me. I am so glad I hired you."

Jeanne Webster; Otto, NC

" . . . thank you for all of the great advice and information you're giving me. I'm so glad I decided to make the decision to get this professionally edited."

Rick Dunham; Whitman, MA

"I learned more from the final report than I learned in a four month college course. I want to sincerely thank you. I'm eager to transform your suggestions into skill and utilize that skill in my manuscript and future writing."

Falisha Purkiss; Reno, NV

"His ability to find the perfect word, and to separate wheat from chaff, makes him a terrific editor. He has a gift for structure and form that most editors would kill for."

Lori Speegle; Dayton, NV

"Michael Garrett's insightful critiques are skillfully done and completed in record time. Knowledge of the markets enables him to offer solid guidance aimed at turning out a salable manuscript."

Susan Parker; Moundsville, WV